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Diabetes and lower limb complications: A thematic review of clinical negligence claims

Standardised care and better education could prevent diabetic patients from undergoing amputations, preserve wellbeing and save the NHS money, an NHS Resolution report has found. The report identifies themes in compensation claims involving patients with progressive diabetes-related lower-limb complications that in the worst cases can …

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Resources to support the right decisions on excluding doctors and dentists published

A suite of resources from NHS Resolution’s Practitioner Performance Advice service will help healthcare leaders make the right decisions on exclusions, to ensure patients and staff are protected from harm, and that doctors and dentists are treated fairly, in line with a just and learning …

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Learning from Emergency Medicine compensation claims

NHS Resolution has today published a set of three reports which explore clinical issues that contribute to compensation claims within Emergency Departments. Emergency Departments (ED) in England provide a high-quality service to patients under challenging circumstances. It is understanding how claims can provide unique learning …

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NHS Resolution responds to the CJC Pre-Action Protocol Consultation

NHS Resolution has provided a written response to the CJC Pre-Action Protocol Consultation. The consultation considers what role Pre-Action Protocols should play in the civil justice system, including their role in an increasingly digitalised justice system, and proposes a number of reform options to the …

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New guide helps NHS trusts improve patient safety by learning from clinical negligence claims

A new best practice guide helping trusts learn more from NHS negligence claims has been issued in the drive for better patient safety. With the cost of harm for clinical negligence claims from incidents in 2019/20 expected to cost the NHS £8.3 billion, the Getting …

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