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Annual report and accounts 2021/22

Publication date:

NHS Resolution has launched its Annual report and accounts for 2021/22.

The report provides an overview of your work from the previous year, as well as reflecting on key enablers and risks to achieving our objectives.

We share how our innovative dispute resolution strategy has continued to drive down litigation against the NHS in England.

A record 77% of claims were resolved in 2021/22 without court proceedings, continuing the year-on-year reduction for the last five years, and in line with our strategy to keep patients and healthcare staff out of court. This was achieved by the delivery of a range of dispute resolution approaches described in the report and continued cooperation across the legal market, which continued to gain momentum during the pandemic.

This year our core narrative has a focus on maternity and our Early Notification Scheme is reported in detail as it entered its fifth year of accelerating the investigation of brain injury sustained at birth, supported by the new Maternity Voices Partnership advisory group.

With an expanded remit into general practice, the report also describes how we have responded to its increased workload and responsibilities as well as wider changes in health and justice.

It’s a time of change for the organisation as this year (2021/22) marks the completion of our previous five-year strategy. The report provides an opportunity to introduce our new strategic priorities for the next three years and share the organisations future direction. Read our Annual report and accounts 2021/22 amends.

Annual report and accounts 2021/22 – Summary

Publication date:

This document provides a summary of some of the key elements of our 2021/22 annual report and accounts. This year marked the completion of our former five-year strategy, creating a firm foundation for the generation of our approach for the next three-years outlined in Advise, resolve and learn: Our strategy to 2025.

Our strategy to 2025

Publication date:

Our new three-year strategy, Advise, resolve and learn: Our strategy to 2025 is now available.

It builds on our work since 2017, and provides our direction of travel in the coming three years under our four key strategic aims: delivering fair resolution; sharing data and insights as a catalyst for improvement; collaborating to improve maternity outcomes and investing in our people and systems to transform our business.

Annual report and accounts 2020/21

Publication date:

NHS Resolution has launched its Annual report and accounts for 2020/21.

The year in question was one of tremendous pressure for the NHS given the Covid-19 pandemic. The report pays tribute to our NHS staff for all that they have done to keep us all safe at this difficult time.

NHS Resolution set out two priorities as the pandemic took hold: to protect the health and well-being of our staff and to do everything we could to support the NHS in doing what it needed to do to combat the pandemic. The report therefore sets out not only how NHS Resolution has performed over the year but also the action taken to adapt existing services and deliver new ones, such as new indemnity schemes to support the pandemic response.

Please find details of four minor corrections required following publication, annual report and accounts amends.

Annual report and accounts 2020/21 – a summary

Publication date:

This document provides a summary of some key elements of NHS Resolution’s Annual report and accounts 2020/21.

The main feature of 2020/21 for NHS Resolution, was, as for everyone (and in particular our health service partners), the Covid-19 pandemic and all that came with it. Throughout the year, the demands on our NHS colleagues have been unimaginable and we pay tribute to their incredible efforts to keep us all safe in such an extraordinary year.

Business plan 2021/22

Publication date:

Our business plan for 2021/22 sets out our financial and delivery plans as we enter into the final year of our refreshed strategy.




Our refreshed 2019-2022 strategic plan

Publication date:

In April 2017, we published Our strategy to 2022. The external environment inevitably changes and at the mid-point in our implementation period, we paused to take stock and to consider if we needed to refocus efforts, and if so, where.

Our refreshed 2019-2022 strategic plan: Delivering fair resolution and learning from harm complements our existing strategy. It includes priority updates across our four strategic aims: resolution, intelligence, intervention and fit-for-purpose and revised medium-term priorities.

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