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Corporate reports and publications

Our current publications

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Our refreshed 2019-2022 strategic plan

In April 2017, we published Our strategy to 2022. The external environment inevitably changes and at the mid-point in our implementation period, we paused to take stock and to consider if we needed to refocus efforts, and if so, where.

Our refreshed 2019-2022 strategic plan: Delivering fair resolution and learning from harm complements our existing strategy. It includes priority updates across our four strategic aims: resolution, intelligence, intervention and fit-for-purpose and revised medium-term priorities.

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Annual report and accounts 2018/19

NHS Resolution’s Annual report and accounts 2018/19 shows the number of clinical negligence claims has remained relatively steady, despite rising activity in the NHS. Overall, claims are falling as a proportion of the number of treatment episodes. However the report highlights the concern around rising costs and the need for concerted action on all the drivers of clinical negligence costs and looks forward to the anticipated cross-government strategy, recommended by the National Audit Office.

In the legal market, there is encouraging news with evidence of an increased engagement with ways to resolve concerns which keep patients and NHS staff out of court, accompanied by a welcome reduction in legal costs.

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Business plan 2019/20

Our business plan for 2019/20 sets out our financial and delivery plans as we enter into the third year of our five year strategy, Delivering fair resolution and learning from harm.

Previous publications

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