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Annual report and accounts 2022/23

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NHS Resolution’s Annual report and accounts for 2022/23 demonstrate our ongoing commitment to an innovative dispute resolution strategy that has effectively reduced litigation rates and costs.

In line with our strategy to keep patients and healthcare staff out of court, a record 80% of claims were resolved in 2022/23 without resorting to legal action, continuing this positive trend observed over the past six years.

An estimated £4.6 billion has been saved for the taxpayer as more cases are resolved without payment of damages, coupled with a robust approach to fraud.

These achievements are due a collaborative approach seen across the legal market with some processes started during the pandemic continuing to be embraced. This positive, less adversarial approach, involves diverse and more empathetic methods of resolving compensation claims. Mediation, resolution meetings, and stock takes have all become integral components in effectively addressing claimants’ concerns and achieving satisfactory resolutions.

Find our more by reading our Annual report and accounts for 2022/23.

Please note we have identified a couple of errors in the data presented in the annual report and accounts for figures 17 and 18 – the detail can be found in our Error note

Business Plan 2023/24

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Our business plan for 2023/24 sets out our financial and delivery plans to complement our strategy to 2025.

Business Plan 2023/24

Our strategy to 2025

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Our new three-year strategy, Advise, resolve and learn: Our strategy to 2025 is now available.

It builds on our work since 2017, and provides our direction of travel in the coming three years under our four key strategic aims: delivering fair resolution; sharing data and insights as a catalyst for improvement; collaborating to improve maternity outcomes and investing in our people and systems to transform our business.

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