Advice Service data relating to NHS Foundation Trusts in England

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Service: Practitioner Performance Advice

The following information was requested:

With respect to data held under the role of Practitioner Performance Advice Service (formally known as NCAS) and data relating to NHS Foundation Trusts in England.

Please provide annual figures for the last 5 completed years:

1. the total annual numbers of new cases submitted (or discussed) under the MHPS (Maintaining High Professional Standards) process

2. the number of organisations and the average number per organisation

3. list of organisations and submissions per year

4. for each year a break-down of the grade of the doctors per organisation

5. the outcome of the referral:

  • number of referrals resulting in advice only
  • number of referrals resulting in assessments undertaken by the PPAS
  • number of referrals when the employer has failed to he[e]d [sic] the advice

6. the average time to resolution

7. the annual number of cases upheld (under MHPS)

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