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Re: Successful litigation claims against the NHS between 2002 and 2020

• update request for data from 2018-2020 (same questions as for FOI F/3290 which gave data for years 2002-2017) ;

• plus a request for further detail of individual claims: o circumstances of claim; a brief description of each incident, and

o how much was the cost of each claim to the NHS/taxpayer (amount of payout or costs Awarded?)

This is a freedom of information request in accordance with s.1(1) Freedom of Information Act 2000 (FOIA) regarding data behind cases of successful litigation claims brought against the NHS between 2002 and 2020

Please refer to information supplied within NHS Resolution response to an FOI request:

Freedom of Information F/3290

as per the link:

My FOI request:

the same questions How many cases of litigation have been brought against NHS ambulance services since 2002?

What was the nature of these claims? for a breakdown of data as per FOI F/3290, for the period 2018-2020?


1. Request for data from all successful claims (clinical or non-clinical) closed, or settled as a periodical payment order (PPO) for all NHS Ambulance Services Trusts (data grouped from 2002/3 to 2019/20; addition of data for years 2017-2020).

2. How much was the cost / claim settlement award for each individual clinical and non-clinical claim, for cases from 2002-2020*?

3. What were the circumstances (brief description of each incident) for each individual claim? (e.g.: including name of any equipment being used; what happened / what went wrong?).

This information I am requesting relates to c 4230 successful claims against the NHS (assuming case rate of c 230 year, given 3450 successful claims 2002-2017).

*I am particularly interested in costs/detail/common causation elements for:

Clinical, harm to patients: as per Table 3 successful clinical claims

• spinal damage (9 between 2002-17

• brain damage

• fatality

• cardiac arrest

• unnecessary pain

• fracture

Non-clinical, harms to staff (just staff) as per table 4 successful non clinical claims

• orthopaedic injuries (2457) – breakdown to understand what types of injury; any equipment or working practices implicated

• psychiatric damage (129 cases)

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