Call-off contracts (FOI_6084)

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identified several potential call-off contracts awarded by NHS Resolution, but I can’t find details of the framework agreements they were awarded from.

I have attached an Excel file that contains the information I am looking at. The last two columns (“Title of framework used” and “Further framework info”) is where I am missing information. Please could you provide the name of the specific framework agreements or DPS agreements used here. If there is any further info which you think would help me locate the framework agreements (e.g., a link to the framework’s Contract Finder or FTS listing, the framework provider, or a widely used reference number such as CCS’s RM codes), please use the final column for this.

Please note that I have identified these contracts as possible call-off contracts, so some of them might not be. Some could be, for instance, procured directly (without being called off from a framework agreement), or could be themselves notices of the establishment of a framework agreement. Therefore, I would kindly ask you to specify in these incidences what kind of procurement was used in the “Title of framework used” column.

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