Claims in excess of £5million

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Service: Claims Management

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This question relates to all settlements that have been made by the NHSLA and NHS Resoluti 0n where the settlement figure of compensation was equal to or in excess of £5million,

or the total budgeted payment was estimated to be equal to or in excess of £5million (this is for a staged payment where the initial payment may be less than £5m but over the life of the claim you have budgeted to pay out more than £5m).

For each settlement please provide the trust name, damages paid and/or total damages budgeted to be paid, injury and speciality.

Please could this data be provided for the last ten years so starting with the 2010/11 financial year up to and including the 2019/20 financial year.

NOTE: These questions relate to when the claim was paid or closed, not when the claim was lodged or when the incident took place.

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