Delayed arrival of an ambulance (FOI_6109)

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Service: Claims Management

The following information was requested:

  1. In each of the last five financial years (2017/18) (2018/19) (2019/20)(2021/22) and (2022/23) please state how many claims has the NHS Resolution paid out where the cause of the claim has been the delayed arrival of an ambulance?
  2. As well as the number of successful claims in each year please state for each year the (i) total compensation paid to claimants, (ii) the legal costs paid to claimants, (iii) the defence costs incurred by NHS Resolution and (iv) the total cost of these successful claims.
  3. For the combined five years please provide a table showing the injury codes that the claims were allocated to and the total amount of compensation for those successful claims.

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