Equipment related claims (FOI_6539)

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Service: Claims Management

The following information was requested:

The number of closed claims filed by NHS staff and NHS patients in each of the last three financial years (2019/20 – 2022/23) relating to:

a) Faulty equipment
b) Infrastructure failures

For EACH YEAR, for both (a) and (b), please also provide:

1. The total damages paid, NHS legal costs, and claimant legal costs
2. The number of these incidents that were fatal
3. For the case with the highest sum of damages paid, please provide the nature of the claim, the injury that was sustained, and the cause of the injury.

[Clarified on 21 May 2024]

For the ‘faulty equipment’ query, please include all of the search terms you have suggested [Defective Equipment; Defective Tools/Equipment; Medical Equipment; Medical/Office Equipment; Other Equipment; Use of Tools/Mach/Equipment]. It would be useful if you could break the data down by these search terms.

By ‘infrastructure failures’, I am referring to physical issues with the infrastructure and buildingsof the NHS estate. Examples include ceiling collapses, broken lifts etc. Please include any search terms relating to this. A summary of the cause and a separate summary of the injury would be perfectly sufficient.

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