Finance System

Freedom of information request details

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Service: Corporate

The following information was requested:


1. What finance system do you currently have in place?

2. What HR system do you use?

3. How many employees (full and part time) do you have?

4. What processes or solutions do you have in place for employees to submit and reclaim expenses?

5. What improvements (if any) are planned for this process in the next 24 months?

6. How many expense claims are submitted on average per year?

7. Are employees able to compile, submit and approve expenses remotely?

8. Have there been investigations relating to expense compliance in your organisation in the last 24 months? If so, how many?

9. What is your current Approval Process for Expenses?

10. How many miles are travelled monthly?

11. Do you have an expense policy in place?

12. What percentage of expenses are checked

13. How do staff book travel?

14. Do you use a Travel Management Company to book travel?

15. What was your annual spend on Expense and Travel for the fiscal year 2019/2020 or an equivalent annual period excluding 2020?

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