Top 25 highest paid claimant firms

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Service: Claims Management

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It will be in the interest of the public and benefit my research if the NHS Resolution can name all the claimant law firms who have recovered claimant damages and legal fees from the NHS each year from 2014 to 2020.

Please can you provide the total claims settled in favour of the claimant, amount recovered by each firm by financial year and provide the types of Causes, Injuries, Speciality related to those settlements for each year.

My request relates to clinical negligence claims.

Example of data

1. Name of claimant firm
2. Number of claims settled
2. Total damages recovered for year
3. Total legal costs and disbursements
4. Types of Causes for year
5. Types of Injuries
6. Types of Speciality

Thank you in advance.

PS. If this request seems excessive, then may I request the above data and format for the top 25 highest paid claimant firms for each year.

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