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Service: Claims Management Cause: Fail / Delay Treatment, Fail To Warn-Informed Consent, Failure/Delay Diagnosis, Foreign Body Left In Situ, Inappropriate Treatment, Lack Of Assistance/Care, Wrong Site Surgery Injury: Adtnl/unnecessary Operation(s), Burn(s), Dental Damage, Nerve Damage, Psychiatric/Psychological Dmge Specialty: Dentistry

The following information was requested:

Could you please provide me with what you have (the dental claims in secondary care settings)?

As I mentioned in my original request, this is the information I am looking for:

1- The numbers of clinical negligence claims per year for the period 2010-2020

2- The estimated cost per year for the period 2010-2020

3- The number of cases and the mean cost by injury for the following:

Nerve damage
Psychological damage
Dental damage
Additional surgery

The number of cases and the mean cost by causation for the following:

Delayed or failed diagnosis
Lack of care
Delayed treatment
Foreign body in situ
Wrong-site surgery
Inappropriate treatment

Also, could you please guide me on where to look for the details of the primary settings?

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