Vaginal Mesh

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FOI request date:

Service: Claims Management Cause: Fail To Warn-Informed Consent Injury: Anal Fissure, Bladder Damage, Bowel Damage/ Dysfunction, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fistula, Incontinence, Labial Fusion, Loss Of Sexual Function, Multiple Injuries, Nerve Damage, Not Specified, Other, Psychiatric/Psychological Dmge, Unknown, Unnecessary Pain Specialty: Gynaecology, Urology

The following information was requested:

My request relates to all claims against the NHS that have been received from patients who have been implanted with vaginal mesh and where:

1. the CAUSE is recorded as, “Fail To Warn – Consent”; AND

2. the INJURY includes one or more of the following:

a. Anal Fissure;
b. Bladder Damage;
c. Bowel Damage / Dysfunction;
d. Chronic Fatigue Syndrome;
e. Fistula;
f. Incontinence;
g. Loss of Sexual Function;
h. Multiple Injuries;
i. Nerve Damage;
j. Not Specified;
k. Other;
l. Psychiatric / Psychological Damage;
m. Unknown;
n. Unnecessary Pain;
o. Labial Fusion;

3. AND the SPECIALTY is recorded as:

a. Urology; and / or
b. Gynaecology.

Please provide the following information in relation to the above cases, for each year of settlement or conclusion:

• Number of cases concluded;
• Total Legal costs (claimant);
• Total Damages paid;
• Number of Unsuccessful claims

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