Legal fees paid that occur from mental health medications

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I will try asking this again as you seem to have not been responding to me previously seeking this answer. You only responded regarding the same question to ECT (which was £0) but not in respect to these mental health medications. Would you please reveal the answer please? I believe it is very important to public health and mental health treatment for us to know these answers.

In relation to the Freedom of Information request on the clinical negligence legal fees bill paid out by the NHS which also says “Estimates published last year put the total cost of outstanding compensation claims at £83bn.” in this BBC article:

What percentage (and cost) of that figure has been paid out to people that have incurred injuries or death from the following mental health medications: Antidepressants, Antipsychotics, Mood Stabilizers, Benzodiazepines and ADHD medications?

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