Fatality Claims

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Service: Claims Management Injury: Fatality

The following information was requested:

1. How many clinical negligence claims involving a fatality were paid out in each of the following financial years? (i) 2015/16, (ii) 2016/17, (iii) 2017/18), (iv) 2018/19 and (v) 2019/20.

2. For each financial year what was the total amount of damages paid?

3. For each financial year what was the highest single claim settled for a fatality claim?

4. For the financial year 2019/20, please provide a breakdown of the cause of death, where a claim has been made of negligence involving the death and a payout was made to the

5. For the last five years of claims which ten NHS Trusts have had the most number of claims made against them for fatality where a payout has been made? For each of these ten trusts
please provide (i) the name of the trust, (ii) the number of fatality claims paid out in the five-year period and (iii) the total value of the damages paid out in those claims.

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