Shoulder Injury Related to Vaccine Administration

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The extraction of data may depend on the categorisation used by your system, and whether it codes conditions in the same way as the NHS, the WHO, or some other method.

In the first instance, a good comparison with the situation in the USA would be to search for “SIRVA” [Shoulder Injury Related to Vaccine Administration”].

If that were not available, then Rotator Cuff Syndrome and perhaps Bursitis of the Shoulder, could be identified, these being a couple of the conditions lumped together under the SIRVA umbrella.

These consequences could potentially indicate faulty injection technique, rather than recognised systemic reactions or more remote effects such as Guillain-Barre Syndrome or Cardiomyopathy.

The NHS SNOMED codes are,

for Rotator Cuff Syndrome – 4106009
for Bursitis of Shoulder – 239961006
for Subacromial Bursitis – 40799003
for Subdeltoid Bursitis – 78715003

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