Telecoms and Networks

Freedom of information request details

FOI request date:

Service: Corporate

The following information was requested:

Contract 1 – Telephony/Voice Services (Analogue, ISDN VOIP, SIP etc)

1.Telephony/Voice Services Provider

2.Telephony/Voice Services – Contract Renewal Date

3.Telephony/Voice Services – Contract Duration

4.Telephony/Voice Services – Type of Lines

5.Telephony/Voice Services Number of Lines / Channels / SIP Trunks


Contract 2 – Incoming and Outgoing of call services.

6.Minutes/Landline Provider

7.Minutes/Landline Contract Renewal Date

8.Minutes Landline Monthly Spend

9.Minute’s Landlines Contract Duration

10.Number of Extensions


Contract 3 – The organisation’s broadband provider.

11.Broadband Provider

12.Broadband Renewal Date

13.Broadband Annual Average Spend


Contract 4 – Contracts relating to Wide Area Network [WAN] services, this could also include HSCN network services.

14. WAN Provider

15.WAN Contract Renewal Date

16.Contract Description

17.The number of sites

18. WAN Annual Average Spen-

19.For each WAN contract can you please provide me with information on how this was procured, especially around those procurement that used frameworks, please provide me with the framework reference.

20.Internal Contact


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