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Service: Claims Management Specialty: Radiology

The following information was requested:

I was interested to see the national data of claims made under the radiology speciality provided here:

Please provide me the same data in the above report for the following trusts over the 10 year period up to 2021-22


Gloucestershire Royal Hospitals NHS foundation trust and
Gloucestershire Health and Care Trust (previously 2gether NHS Foundation Trust and Gloucestershire Care Services NHS Trust)

Could you also provide the average or expected figures for an average or typical NHS trust for the same 10 year period.

The motivation is to provide a case for the trust to purchase access to a radiological clinical decision assistant knowledge base (e.g. with the aim of reducing radiological errors and thus litigation costs.
[Clarification received on 24 May 2022]
In addition to the two Gloucestershire trusts I named below
Providing “the average for all members of the clinical negligence scheme as it relates to the radiology specialty?” is fine in addition thanks

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