Orthopaedic Surgery at East Suffolk and North Essex NHS FT

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Service: Claims Management Specialty: Orthopaedic Surgery

The following information was requested:

I would be most grateful if you could kindly provide the described data if possible please:
Looking for data relating to the specialty Orthopaedic surgery at Colchester Hospital in the financial years (2010 to 2022)

To cover the following:
A breakdown by primary injury; a breakdown by primary cause; numbers settled; numbers with no damages paid and numbers currently open.

It would be great if you could include figures for Total amount paid out for damages, claimant and defence costs.
What was the grade/job title of the professional whom the claim was raised against?
What was the description of each claim? If no detailed description can be provided, what were the most common allegations?
What were the most common reasons for lost claims?
What were the most common reasons for settled claims?

[Clarified on 16 June 2022]
Yes please if you could send the details as a trust – East Suffolk and North Essex NHS Foundation Trust.

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