Hospital Acquired Infection

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Service: Claims Management Injury: Hospital Acquired Infection

The following information was requested:

1. Please provide me with a table showing how many successful claims were lodged against
each individual NHS hospital trust for the total of the last ten financial years (2009/10 to 2020/21 inclusive) where one of the injury codes was a hospital acquired infection. Only include trusts where there were ten successful claims or more.

2. For the ten hospital trusts with the most claims please state what the total amount of
damages was that were awarded to the patients for those ten years from each of those trusts.

3. Please could you provide me with a breakdown of payments made under the CNST scheme where injury 1, 2 or 3 is for Hospital Acquired Infection (HAI) for 2020/21. This should include the number of successful claims, the damages paid and the costs for both defendant and claimant.

4. How many claims has NHS Resolution received where one of the injury codes a patient
claims to have suffered from because of NHS negligence is Covid-19? What is the status of
these claims? I.e. How many have been received, how many have been rejected, how many
has it been accepted that the NHS was at fault, how much in damages has been paid out on
these successful claims?

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