Claims by NHS staff re long COVID

Freedom of information request details

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Service: Claims Management

The following information was requested:

1. Please disclose what data NHS Resolution holds on NHS staff or former NHS staff who have developed long COVID.
2. Does NHS Resolution hold national statistics on NHS staff who have developed long COVID? If so, what are the statistics?
3. What type of database/ spreadsheet does NHS Resolution have on NHS staff who have developed long COVID?
4. What are the names of the rows and columns in your database/ spreadsheet?
5. Does NHS Resolution hold information on the number of claims that the NHS received from staff or former staff regarding personal injury due to long COVID?
6. If so, please disclose the number of NHS staff or former staff who have made personal injury claims related to long COVID, and give a breakdown of the subgroups of staff or former staff according to any data held centrally by NHS Resolution on sub-groups.
7. If NHS Resolution holds data centrally on the numbers of these claims by employing NHS trust, please give a breakdown of the numbers of claims received by employing NHS trust.
8. Please disclose any guidance by NHS Resolution to NHS trusts about the risk of COVID related personal injury claims or the management of such claims.

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