Paediatric Medicine Errors (FOI_5912)

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Service: Safety and Learning Specialty: Anaesthesia

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Just seen this latest publication of yours. I’m wondering if you could provide me with the data that contributed to the ‘anaesthetic errors’ please? NHS Resolution – Did you know? Paediatric medicine errors


I am referring to the page headed “Which specialty results in the most claims?” The text immediately below this heading includes ‘anaesthetics’ as a common medical specialty in which errors occur.

My query is essentially an elaboration on this data, i.e. those claims originating from anaesthesia as a specialty in which a drug error occurred. (…) I wondered if you could comment on which drugs are commonly mis-prescribed; what age of child tends to be most susceptible to such errors; whether errors are more common outside of a tertiary setting (versus a district general hospital say); and whether errors are associated with specific surgical procedures.

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