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Service: Claims Management Specialty: Gynaecology

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We would like to carry out a retrospective service evaluation of women who have made gynaecology litigation claims registered in the U.K between 2006 and 2018 by collecting data from NHS Resolution of all the claims made and categorised under ‘gynaecology’. Those cases related to early pregnancy (ectopic pregnancy, miscarriage and abortion) will be filtered and examined for the number of claims made, the details of why it was made and the outcome. A comparison will be made of the results prior to- and after 2012 to examine the effect, if any, of the NICE guidelines.

With the increasing emphasis on ultrasound based diagnosis and conservative management in the 2012 NICE guidelines, the aim is to establish the rate, cause and outcome of clinical negligence claims in early pregnancy and the effect of any change associated with the publication of the guideline. We would also hope that by looking at trends in our subspecialty, we can disseminate our findings with the aim of raising awareness and improving care.

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