Inspection Activities

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Service: Corporate

The following information was requested:


1. What inspections activities does the NHS Resolution perform?

2. How many inspections (of each type if possible) were performed in 2019/20?

3. How many inspectors do you employ, and what was the annual cost of these inspectors in 2019/20?

4. Do you use third parties to perform these inspections? If so, who did you use, and what was the annual spend in 2019/20?

5. What information management system, if any, do you use to manage the inspections, and what was the annual spend on this in 2019/20

For avoidance of doubt, by ‘inspections’ I mean ‘activities that are carried out to ensure the inspected entity meets legislative requirements for their role or function or condition, delivers on their duty of care for individuals or the public and/or adheres to any rules set by government on use of government funds’.

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