Invoice Payments (FOI_6015)

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Service: Corporate

The following information was requested:

Please may you provide me, in Microsoft Excel or an equivalent electronic format, with a list of non NHS trade invoices that were not paid within 30 days for the last 6 financial years which would feed into the Regulation 113 Notice you are required to publish each year as part of your obligations under The Public Contracts Regulations 2015, with the following information for each invoice (where available):

  • The name of the Supplier
  • Supplier email address
  • Supplier company registration number
  • Supplier postal address
  • Supplier telephone number
  • Supplier website
  • The date of the invoice
  • The invoice reference
  • The gross value of the Invoice
  • The date the invoice should have been paid by
  • The actual payment date of the invoice
  • The total amount of interest liability due to late payment of the invoice
  • The total amount of interest paid to the supplier due to late payment of the invoice.

For the avoidance of doubt the above would be based on the data which is mentioned in the Annual Reports on page 46 (2019/20), page 38/39 (2020/2021), page 50 (2021/22), shown on your website, and the equivalent for all financial years 2016 to 2023 inclusive.

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