Medication errors in Anaesthesia (FOI_6360)

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Service: Claims Management Cause: Medication Errors Specialty: Anaesthesia

The following information was requested:

Can you search for all of the anaesthetic complications by payout amount, date, category and cause for the past 10 years? I would like to present this data for an anaesthetic group to focus on trying to develop an educational and engineering solutions.

[Request clarified]

(…) my request would be for data arising from the specialty of Anaesthetics’ preferably for the for the years of 2017 to 2022. And if possible, for the preceding years of 2012 to 2016.

The CNST codes this would be looking at would be number

Cause Code 68 – Medication errors.
Under injury Codes 7 – Anaesthetic.
Under Specialty Codes 3 – Anaesthesia.

The amount of claim settlements would be useful as will all claims made even if there was no settlement.

Is there any data on the costs of legal fees for the different cases? Is this separate to the settlement fees or does this tend to be a percentage of the settlement payout?

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