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Neonatal hypoglycaemia

Freedom of information request details

FOI request date:

Service: Claims Management

The following information was requested:

1.) Number of clinical negligence claims NHSR notified of that related to babies who suffered neonatal hypoglycaemia for the following financial years:

• 2009/10

• 2010/11

• 2011/12

• 2012/13

• 2013/14

• 2014/15

• 2015/16

• 2016/17

• 2017/18

• 2018/19

• 2019/20 – if figures for this financial year are not yet available fine to exclude

2.) For the years above, how many neonatal hypoglycaemia claims have settled and how much total compensation has so far been paid?

3.) For the years above, how many neonatal hypoglycaemia claims were closed with no compensation?

4.) For the years above how many neonatal hypoglycaemia cases are ongoing/pending a resolution?

5.) How much money has been set aside to cover the cost of settling neonatal hypoglycaemia claims for the years above?

6.) What was the average compensation settlement paid from the settled cases for the years above?

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