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Service: Claims Management Specialty: Oral & Maxillo Facial Surgery

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[Follow up to FOI_4864]

1) Breakdown of claims by year – yes we can supply this, in terms of primary causes and primary injuries against the oral and maxillofacial surgery speciality. We apologise for the delay in providing the additional information requested following your FOI_4864.

2) How many claims were settled out of court vs how many proceeded to court? – We do have status codes that can provide it settled with damages paid/damages settled out of Court and damages set by court, but we do not believe this will answer your request.

We will code cases that may have litigated and damages agreed in the litigation process but will only use set by court where the court has made the decision in terms of settlement level. This data may not be reliable in terms of your request.

Could you please provide the information requested in Q1 and Q2?

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