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Service: Claims Management Specialty: Orthopaedic Surgery

The following information was requested:

My FOI request relates to the National Health Service Litigation Authority (NHSLA) and NHS Resolution claims that have been submitted in the eight year time period from 1st April 2012 to 1st April 2020, specifically involving any of the 27 United Kingdom Major Trauma Centres. The purpose of this request is to explore NHSLA/NHSR submissions which involve, include, or are submitted by, or about the Major Trauma Team/ Members or departmental services at Major Trauma Centres. If there is no distinction made between the Major trauma department/services/department at the Major Trauma Centres then please could you include litigation raised against the Orthopaedic service/department/team in isolation?

If providing the data for the dates above would be at excessive burden to the Freedom of Information Service, I would instead be grateful for details of the earliest (i.e. from April 2012 and latest (i.e. up to April 2020) 10000 claims to NHSLA/NHSR.

If providing data for 10000 claims is still not feasible for your FOI office, I will be grateful for the maximum possible that you consider to be feasible, divided equally between the start and end of the time period (i.e. April 2012 and April 2020).

If there is data that can be presented in an Excel spreadsheet or CSV per claim, that would be the most helpful. If not, summary data would suffice. I would appreciate if data could be provided for the individual major trauma centres, however if this is not feasible, please provide the data for major trauma centres as a whole.


How many incidents occurred?

When was the claim/incident submitted?

Where did the claim/incident occur? You might have this in the form of roadside, in hospital, Emergency department, wards, theatre, recovery, outpatients. You might also have this by geographical region, which would be helpful to know.

What was the description of each claim? If no detailed description can be provided, what were the most common allegations?

What was the NHSLA/NHS category for each incident? You might have these as examples- medical device/equipment, patient accident, treatment, procedure, disruptive aggressive behaviour etc.

What of these have been classified of causing no harm/minor/moderate/major harm/life threatening harm/death?

What were the claimant demographics? For example, age, gender, ethnicity

Which have been shared/discussed with the patient and/or family?

Which of these claims have been settled, and which are not settled?

What were the most common reasons for lost claims?

What were the most common reasons for settled claims?

What were the financial costs related to settled, lost, and defended claims? This includes costs incurred and damages paid

What was the grade/job title of the professional whom the claim was raised against?

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