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Service: Primary Care Appeals

The following information was requested:

I would be grateful if you could inform me:

(1) of the names of the parties to the 20 APMS disputes referred to in Annex 1 of the Primary Care Appeals (Cases completed, ’18-19) in Factsheet 6: Primary Care Appeals: Annual Statistics 2018-19,

(2) why the pattern of the APMS disputes (no cases received ‘17-19, no cases completed ‘17-18) differs from the pattern for the GMS and PMS disputes,

(3) when the 20 APMS disputes were received,

(4) where I might read the decisions on the disputes,

(5) as to what the asterisk and words on page 4 of Factsheet 6 below the table – “*Excludes 20 APMS cases”- is referring,

(5) whether there has been any update of Factsheet 6.

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