Sexual Abuse (FOI_5730)

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Service: Claims Management Cause: Sexual Abuse Injury: Sexual Abuse

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As discussed, we are in the process of looking into sexual abuse and misconduct in the NHS. I spotted an FOI you published in summer, FOI_5468_Sexual-Abuse.pdf.

In your reply to the FOI, you mention codes you are able to run your data on – namely sexual abuse. Would it be possible to rerun your data to get the most up to date figures? Please could you provide both the amount paid out up to April 22 and the number of claims repudiated – i.e. where no damages were paid?

I’m also confused as to what chart 1 shows – what do these codes stand for – CNST, DH CL, ELS?

I would also like to request a full breakdown of claims by trust.

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