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Service: Claims Management

The following information was requested:

The solicitors hourly rates awarded by courts after 1st January 2012 both at first instance and on appeal in relation to detailed assessments of costs for work done for receiving parties during the period 01.01.2009 to date on maternity and other cerebral palsy/brain injury cases against NHS defendants where the damages recovered, either by way of lump sum and/or when capitalised, actually or potentially exceed £5,000,000.

Would you please provide that information setting out in respect of each such Court award of which you are aware or have access to the following details:-

a. Court and Judge name;

b. Date of award;

c. Damages recovered;

d. Hourly rates allowed by Grade of fee earner [as graded in the Guide to the Summary Assessment of Costs];

e. The period/s for or in respect of which those hourly rates were awarded; and

f. Receiving parties’ solicitors locality band – whether London 1, 2 or 3 or National 1 or 2.

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