Trust Level Claims Data (FOI_6252)

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Service: Claims Management

The following information was requested:

Please list all of your member NHS trusts or NHS organisations, that you handle clinical negligence claims on behalf of. Please list these in Table A and in a separate column/columns please provide the total amount paid out on behalf of each member Trust in clinical negligence claims for the following financial years: 2015-16 to 2022-23

The figure should be inclusive of all legal costs, and any damages paid out to the claimant.

In a separate part of the request (schedule B)
Please provide the date that each of the trusts in the lists above became a member trust with NHS resolution.

In the last part of the request (section C) please can you clarify if an NHS Trust chooses not to be a member, who would hold the data relating to the claim in terms of the total clinical negligence spent of that Trust? Obviously, the NHS trust would hold data for its own claims, but there would be a reporting mechanism somewhere within NHS England – and which department would hold the aggregate of all of this data? If the answer is still NHS Resolution – then in Schedule C please provide the aggregate amount for each of these

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