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Service: Claims Management Cause: Delay In Performing Operation, Fail / Delay Treatment, Fail To Follow-Up Arrangements Injury: Adtnl/unnecessary Operation(s), Infectious Diseases, Renal Damage/ Failure, Sepsis Specialty: Radiology, Urology

The following information was requested:

Please would I be able to request data on the number of litigation cases relating to ureteric stents nationally? I would need to know timeframe cases cover, type of complaint/problem, any regional breakdown of numbers and financial payouts/total costs of claims process.

(Clarified on 5 March 2024]

I would imagine the claims I am looking for would come under any of the following codes:
– Cause codes: Delay in performing operation, fail/delay treatment, fail to follow up arrangements
– Injury codes: additional/unnecessary op, infectious disease, renal damage/failure, sepsis
– Speciality codes – urology, radiology

Despite not being able to be specific the data you have offered to provide would be helpful, thank you. I would be interested in data from the last 10 financial years.

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