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Service: Claims Management Cause: Incorrect Injection Site Injury: Swine Flu

The following information was requested:

We are enquiring about any data your organisation may have in relation to the swine flu vaccination programme and in particular:

1/ Data about the quantum of claims made in relation to the swine flu vaccination programme

2/ Any data surrounding injury claims following vaccinations (including associated errors) for the swine flu pandemic and also non-swine flu related claims.


To make the data easier and simpler to define could we ask for:

1/ The number of claims made in relation to swine flu and the value of claims made in total to date broken down if possible to those involving narcolepsy claims and claims for other reasons such as injury at site of vaccination etc.

2/ The number of claims made in the 5 year period to 2020 in relation to alleged errors in the administration of injections (any injection not just swine flu) split into number of claims and value of claims for each of the following :

a/ errors made by the clinician in drawing the correct amount of injection liquid

b/ error in the administration process (resulting in injury such as shoulder injury)

c/ errors classified as dilution errors when reconstituting the injection

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