West Essex PCT contract (FOI_5954)

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Service: Primary Care Appeals

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I asked the DHSC for some information about West Essex PCT relating to when they sought or received information relating to PDS child only dental contracts in 2008 (Uttlesford PCT). I was party to one of these contracts which were terminated but have data showing that information was released saying that these could be changed to GDS contracts on a like for like basis. Hence the request to identify when the PCT became aware of this information. It would also be feasible that the same PCT had other PDS child only contract due to expire in 2009 (Epping PCT).

Is it possible that you have the data that would confirm or deny if these contracts were terminated as per the contract or if they were allowed to convert to GDS as the revised guidelines suggested. If also available would be any internal questioning of the concerns with the same PCT having two different contract for the same services but having different criteria (2-year and 3-year durations). Was it discussed to alter them?

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