Dr Carol Roberts

Dr Carol Roberts

Associate Adviser


Carol is Associate Medical Director (AMD) for Professional Standards at Nottingham University Hospitals Trust. She now works part-time, having recently retired as Deputy Medical Director (DMD).

Carol completed medical training at the Universities of Cambridge and Oxford, before becoming a GP. She then took a prolonged career break to raise her family and spent several years overseas. On her return she became a community paediatrician whilst also developing a leadership portfolio. This initially focussed on appraisal and revalidation, and
Carol became Trust Lead for Appraisal and Revalidation in 2013. She became DMD for Professional Standards in 2018, and as Deputy RO, she managed doctors in difficulty, working closely with HR colleagues and external bodies including the GMC and the Practitioner Performance Advice Service (Advice).

Over the last 12 years, Carol has held roles at the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health (RCPCH), NHSE/I and Advice. At RCPCH Carol was Acting Chair of the SAS Committee and later Officer for CPD and Revalidation. In 2016, Carol joined the Board as a member Trustee, serving a five year fixed term.

Carol has an interest in individual and service performance reviews. She has been an Assessor for Advice and the RCPCH Invited Reviews service, sitting on the RCPCH Invited Reviews Programme Board. Her commitment to appraisal continues. She has been an NHSE/I Regional Appraiser since 2016 (appraising RO’s across the East Midlands), and since 2019 has been a National Appraiser, appraising some of the seven Regional Medical Directors

As Associate Medical Director, Carol has stepped away from case management to fulfil a more advisory and supportive role and has recently been appointed as a medical Tribunal member for the Medical Practitioner Tribunal Service.

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