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Early notification report form

Our Early Notification scheme requires all trusts to report to us within 30 days all maternity incidents of potentially severe brain injury. The trust legal services department should be informed by clinical teams within 14 days that a notifiable severe brain injury incident has occurred by using this form.

Guidance note

Understanding NHS Resolution data

We frequently receive requests for data held in our claims management system. We have produced a document to help those making requests better understand the range of data that we hold, the constraints around what information we can provide and some commonly used terms.

Guidance note

Giving evidence in court

This note focuses on how you can prepare for giving evidence in court, the phases of giving evidence and top tips for presenting yourself professionally and credibly.

Guidance note

Being a witness in a clinical negligence claim

This note provides guidance to those who may be approached to give evidence as a witness if you were involved in providing care and treatment to a claimant on behalf of one of our members (for example, a Trust).


Claims reporting guidelines

This document sets out the requirements for when and how a member should report a new claim to NHS Resolution. It also provides other useful information such as: what to expect once a claim has been reported and common definitions.

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