How to prepare for an inquest

This film provides more detail on what to expect as a witness in an inquest. It covers from the point you are called to when you give evidence in court on the day.

The purpose of these three films is to share insights about inquests. We hope they will support all staff working in the NHS who are called to give evidence, so that they can prepare well following the death of a patient in their care.

One of the aims is to dispel any possible preconceptions about the role of the coroner, and to explain how best a witness can help the coroner and the family of the patient.

Each film explains the role of the coroner’s court and giving evidence from different perspectives.

These films are intended to be used as a stand-alone product by those called to be a witness as well as integrated as a part of full inquest training package.

You can see the other two films in the series here:

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