Just and learning culture charter

Infographic resource

Our Just and learning culture charter has been developed as a resource to support the creation of a person-centred workplace that is compassionate, safe and fair when care in the NHS goes wrong. It evolved out of our first Being fair publication in 2019 and features in our Being fair 2 report.

We recognise that the NHS’s most valuable resource is its people. They are critical to the delivery of safe and effective patient care. Most of the time, care received by patients in the NHS is safe. Sometimes, even with our best intentions, things can go wrong. When things go wrong, support, care and understanding for everyone involved must be a priority. At no time is there an excuse for incivility, bullying and harassment within the NHS. We accept the evidence that the NHS will provide safer care and be a healthier place to work if we address all of the components of a learning organisation and this underpins our charter.

We hope our charter will act as a tool to help organisations take a consistent approach towards staff in relation to incidents and errors.

There is no threshold for seeking expert, independent advice from our Practitioner Performance Advice service, if you are unsure how to respond to concerns relating to doctors, dentists or pharmacists. Your link adviser can be contacted by calling us on 0207 811 2600 and adviser biographies are available on our website.

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