NHS Resolution Podcast: Spinal Infections

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Between the 1st of January 2009 and the 31st of December 2019, NHS Resolution received 232 claims concerning delay in the diagnosis of spinal infection. Out of these 232 claims, 85 were settled with damages paid, 43 without merit and 104 remain open. The total cost of closed claims is £112,396,538. This includes payments for claimant legal costs, NHS legal costs and damages although the cost will be higher when we factor in costs associated with periodical payments.

In this podcast, NHS Resolution’s Safety and Learning Lead (North) speaks to Dr Lisa Grandidge (Specialist Registrar in spinal injuries) and consultant physiotherapists Susan Greenhalgh, Laura Finucane and Ellie Dunstan about causes and symptoms of spinal infection, the importance of early diagnosis and the significant spinal injuries that can result where there has been a delay in diagnosis.

Through the discussion of research findings and themes identified within successful claims concerning a delay in the diagnosis of spinal, Naomi and her co-hosts highlight the importance of history taking, looking for red flags and robust safety netting of patients presenting to healthcare services with potential spinal infection.

Journal of Orthopaedic and Sports Physical Therapy

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