The Early Notification Scheme animation

Animated resource

We have published an animation designed to explain what our Early Notification Scheme does.

As part of our third strategic objective, to collaborate to improve maternity outcomes, and ongoing consideration for how the EN scheme should be developed, we’ve been working closely with our Maternity Voices Advisory Group and a group of parents via PEEPS-HIE to improve our direct communication with families and ensure consistent contact with our Family Liaison team once a case is accepted onto our Early Notification Scheme.

The Early Notification Maternity Voices Advisory Group (MVAG) was established to provide external stakeholders, in particular families and their representatives, with a forum through which they can advise and support future service developments within the Early Notification Scheme.

This animation was co-designed with MVAG and a group of parents via PEEPS-HIE and aims to be clear, concise and understandable for any families who might have experienced an incident of maternity harm and have been accepted onto the EN Scheme or are seeking to understand more about what the scheme does.

We also hope it will act as an important signpost for further support for families and where they can contact our internal teams for more information if needed. We aim to create a further animation explaining the liability investigation in more detail in the near future.

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