Julienne’s story

Julienne Vernon, Head of Dispute Resolution and Quality

I studied Law at Cardiff University and I am a qualified Solicitor and an Accredited Mediator. I started my career in law representing claimants bringing personal injury and clinical negligence compensation claims. However, I wanted to broaden my experience in clinical negligence and in October 2000 I joined NHS Resolution (then known as the NHS Litigation Authority) as a clinical negligence Case Manager. 18 months later I was promoted to the role of Deputy Team Leader and in a further 12 months I became a Team Leader and managed a clinical negligence claims team for the next 10 years.  In 2014 I successfully applied for a secondment to an exciting new role as Head of Claims Quality – a role that I was subsequently appointed to permanently at the end of that year. Then, In 2019 following structural changes to the claims Head of Service roles, my role was re-defined as Head of Dispute Resolution and Quality.

My 20 year + career journey with NHS Resolution has been both eventful and rewarding.  I’ve had the privilege of working closely with highly talented individuals. I’ve  handled a number of high profile and complex cases and I cannot overestimate the sense of achievement in making a difference to a claimant or to the family of a deceased patient by settling a compensation claim or in supporting clinicians and NHS trusts.

It was a seismic change and very motivating for me personally in 2012/13 to see the appointment of women to the roles of Chief Executive and Director of Claims within NHS Resolution, which paved the way for more women, and BAME women including myself to realise their goals and to take on more high profile roles in the organisation.

I’m constantly inspired by my parents who are part of the Windrush generation and emigrated to the UK from Jamaica. My tips for career progression are hard work – “believe in yourself” and be authentic. If that belief wavers, which it will do on life’s journey, take that belief through others by surrounding yourself with positive role models, both in and out of work.


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