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Response to harm - for patients and their families

How you support patients and their families when an incident occurs is essential part of resolution.

On average, every year we are notified of around 10,500 new clinical negligence claims. As an organisation we are committed to supporting clinicians and healthcare providers when things go wrong and steer them to improving systems, processes and principles. We do this in order to help foster a learning culture, prevent animosity between service users and providers and reduce the risk of recurrent patient safety incidents.

This module is a collection of resources that highlight the benefits of response to harm and early resolution for patients and their families and/or carers, following incidents that cause harm.

This module contains 3 learning resources.


Read saying sorry

Saying sorry meaningfully when things go wrong is vital for everyone involved in an incident, including the patient, their family, carers, and the staff that care for them. This leaflet is part of our work on duty of candour.

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