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How to prepare for an inquest

This film provides more detail on what to expect as a witness in an inquest. It covers from the point you are called to when you give evidence in court on the day. The purpose of this second film is to describe the process of …

Case story

Delay in recognising placental abruption

This case story is illustrative based on real events and NHS Resolution is sharing the experience of those involved to help prevent a similar occurrence happening to patients, families and staff. As you read about this incident, please ask yourself: Could this happen in my …


Giving evidence at inquest: a well prepared witness

This film provides an illustrative scenario of what a well prepared witness looks like. The purpose of this film is to demonstrate how it feels for a clinician to present evidence in the court, covering typical questions legal representatives may ask. When viewing the film, …


Early Notification scheme reporting criteria

All trusts are required to report maternity incidents meeting the Early Notification criteria to us, and in order to help you identify which incidents are reportable we have created this helpful infographic.


Mediation in healthcare claims – an evalution

In December 2016, NHS Resolution (known at the time as the NHS Litigation Authority) took the ground-breaking step of becoming one of the first indemnifiers in the UK to establish a mediation panel with the focus of resolving clinical negligence and personal injury compensation claims.

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