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Annual statistics

We are releasing data relating to NHS Resolution claims covering the period 2006/07 and 2020/21. Data is presented in two separate spreadsheets:  the Annual Report Statistics are based on a snapshot of data at the end of each financial year, which reflects the approach to …


Advice for those in General Practice – 80 years

This video features three GPs, with a combined 80 years’ experience between them, providing advice on managing clinical risk in general practice. Its focus is threefold. It: looks at the most common reasons for patients coming to harm in general practice; advises GPs on how …


Mediation in healthcare claims – an evalution

In December 2016, NHS Resolution (known at the time as the NHS Litigation Authority) took the ground-breaking step of becoming one of the first indemnifiers in the UK to establish a mediation panel with the focus of resolving clinical negligence and personal injury compensation claims.


Did you know? Insights into medication errors

The analysis held within this leaflet only focuses on closed claims that have been settled with damages paid and concern an element of the medication process: prescribing, transcribing, dispensing, administering and monitoring.

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