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We hold one of the largest databases of healthcare related compensation claims in the world, complemented by data on practitioner performance concerns and the causes of contracting disputes in primary care. This is more than 25 years’ worth of data on concerns raised about NHS care.

We have a duty to use this information responsibly to drive positive change for patients and staff.

Our resources section is here to support the early resolution of contracting disputes, improvements in patient safety, a reduction in harm and a reduction in claims.

You can search for resources by topic (such as diabetes, general practice, emergency medicine, spinal infections, maternity), or by the type of resource you would like to view (such as report, video, presentation, animation).

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The second report: The evolution of the Early Notification Scheme

Although the NHS remains one of the safest healthcare systems in the world within which to give birth, avoidable errors within maternity still occur. Maternity costs make up the largest cost to the NHS in value of claims. The Early Notification Scheme provides a faster …


Duty of Candour virtual forum

On 8 September 2022, the Safety and Learning team hosted a webinar on the Duty of Candour. This was also a great opportunity to promote NHS Resolution’s Duty of Candour animation. Speakers included Dr Denise Chaffer (Director of Safety and Learning and RCN President), Lou …


Collaborate to improve maternity care conference – Recordings between 1:45-3:15

On Monday 28 November, we held a face-to-face national maternity conference, Collaborate to improve maternity care: respond to, learn from and prevent harm, at the Royal College of Physicians. The conference ran from 09:30am-16:30pm. We were joined by representatives from maternity teams from across England. …


Annual statistics

We are releasing data relating to NHS Resolution claims covering the period 2006/07 to 2021/22. Data is presented in two separate spreadsheets: 1.    the Annual Report Statistics 2021-22 are based on a snapshot of data at the end of each financial year, which reflects the approach …


How are CNST contributions calculated?

Our CNST scheme contributions are calculated considering a number of factors, to aid the explanation of process and steps involved we have created this short two-minute animation. This animation will go through the factors of influence on the scheme overall and amount each member pays, …


Advice for those in General Practice – 80 years

This video features three GPs, with a combined 80 years’ experience between them, providing advice on managing clinical risk in general practice. Its focus is threefold. It: looks at the most common reasons for patients coming to harm in general practice; advises GPs on how …


Mediation in healthcare claims – an evaluation

In December 2016, NHS Resolution (known at the time as the NHS Litigation Authority) took the ground-breaking step of becoming one of the first indemnifiers in the UK to establish a mediation panel with the focus of resolving clinical negligence and personal injury compensation claims.


Did you know? Insights into medication errors

The analysis held within this leaflet only focuses on closed claims that have been settled with damages paid and concern an element of the medication process: prescribing, transcribing, dispensing, administering and monitoring.


Maternity incentive scheme year two

NHS Resolution is operating a second year of the Clinical Negligence Scheme for Trusts (CNST) maternity incentive scheme to continue to support the delivery of safer maternity care.  This document provides the conditions of the scheme, full details of the ten maternity safety actions with …