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We hold one of the largest databases of healthcare related compensation claims in the world, complemented by data on practitioner performance concerns and the causes of contracting disputes in primary care. This is more than 25 years’ worth of data on concerns raised about NHS care.

We have a duty to use this information responsibly to drive positive change for patients and staff.

Our resources section is here to support the early resolution of contracting disputes, improvements in patient safety, a reduction in harm and a reduction in claims.

You can search for resources by topic (such as diabetes, general practice, emergency medicine, spinal infections, maternity), or by the type of resource you would like to view (such as report, video, presentation, animation).

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Case story

Team reviews case study

This illustrative study features an obstetrics and gynaecology team suffering division and poor team cohesion and looks at why and how a team review was undertaken, its findings and next steps.

Insight report

Supporting the management of performance concerns within primary care

NHS Resolution’s Practitioner Performance Advice service provides healthcare organisations with advice on the management of concerns about the practice of individual doctors, dentists and pharmacists. Our work in primary care cases provides comprehensive support to the management and resolution of concerns, with a focus on …


An overview of our behavioural assessments

    This video has been designed to provide an overview of Practitioner Performance Advice’s behavioural assessments. It explains what a behavioural assessment is, the specific behavioural areas the assessment covers, the benefits the behavioural assessment offers to both the practitioner and the healthcare organisation, …

Insight report

Professional Support & Remediation (PSR): key features of recent action plans

NHS Resolution’s Practitioner Performance Advice service has been preparing action plans for doctors, dentists and pharmacists since 2008 and has developed considerable expertise in the field of professional support and remediation. Through our action plans, we have helped many practitioners return to safe and effective …


Supporting primary care

NHS Resolution offers support and insights to those working in primary care from across our four services: Claims Management, Practitioner Performance Advice, Primary Care Appeals and Safety and Learning. We have produced a short digital brochure that outlines how each service supports those working in …

Insight report

Team reviews retrospective

NHS Resolution’s Practitioner Performance Advice service has developed its team reviews over the last five years. Where concerns relate to how members of a clinical team interact with each other, we can undertake a team review to: identify any barriers to resolving the issues which …

Insight report

Bullying and harassment reported in our advice cases: an overview

It is a sad fact that bullying and harassment are reported to be prevalent issues within the health and social care sector. The 2019 NHS staff survey showed that 19% of staff have experienced bullying or harassment in the last year from colleagues. According to …

Insight report

Insights from 10 years of supporting the management of exclusions in England

Overview NHS Resolution’s Practitioner Performance Advice service has a unique perspective on exclusions of doctors and dentists within the NHS. NHS organisations are expected to seek advice from the Practitioner Performance Advice service when considering a formal exclusion and if an exclusion extends beyond 12 …


Back on track: a good practice guide

This publication sets out how our Practitioner Performance Advice approaches work with practitioners for whom further training is required to resolve concerns about their practice and/or behaviours. Please note: A lot of the content is out of date, particularly the descriptions of NHS and primary …


How to conduct a local performance investigation

This publication provides guidance for healthcare organisations about conducting local investigations into a practitioner’s performance or conduct. Please note: A lot of the content is out of date and there is no reference to the Responsible Officer role.  However, we are making this available (until …

Insight report

Findings from clinical performance assessments

Practitioner Performance Advice undertakes a range of assessment services to assist in the resolution of performance concerns about doctors, dentists and pharmacists. Here we present the findings of 102 clinical performance assessments during financial years 2013/14 to 2019/20 to share important insights from this core …

Insight report

Research into concerns raised by healthcare organisations about practitioners

Practitioner Performance Advice will be launching a new and important programme to share research and insights drawn from our work to support healthcare organisations in better understanding, managing and resolving concerns about doctors, dentists or pharmacists.   Our initial work on this programme is already …


Surgeons who are the subject of our cases

In March 2021, the Royal College of Surgeons (RCS) published An independent review on diversity and inclusion for the Royal College of Surgeons of England. Much of the report looks at diversity in relation to the structure of the RCS but it also explores issues …