Research into concerns raised by healthcare organisations about practitioners

Insight report resource

Practitioner Performance Advice will be launching a new and important programme
to share research and insights drawn from our work to support healthcare
organisations in better understanding, managing and resolving concerns about
doctors, dentists or pharmacists.


Our initial work on this programme is already providing useful insights into the nature
of concerns reported to us by healthcare organisations at the point they make
contact for advice. Our data over the last five years shows that almost 70% of cases
involved concerns associated with misconduct or other aspects of behaviour of a
practitioner. Just under half of cases involved a concern about the clinical skills of
the practitioner, and this includes concerns around governance and safety. A
concern around the health of the practitioner was reported in just under 20% of
cases. Also of significance is that, in 30% of cases, the reported concerns related to
more than one area.

We are here to support both healthcare organisations and practitioners where
difficulties about performance arise.

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