Training terms and conditions


These terms and conditions shall be subject to the valid execution of a Booking Form between you and NHS Resolution.

Course fee

1. The full fee outlined on the Booking Form shall be invoiced immediately upon the course booking being accepted and shall be paid promptly by you.

2. Where possible, the parties should seek any requested rescheduling of courses at least eight weeks prior to the scheduled start dates.


3. Notwithstanding clause 2, you may request the rescheduling of a booked training course at any point up to an including the scheduled course start date. Without prejudice to the generality of clause 4 rescheduling request cannot be accommodated, either party may terminate in accordance with clause 4.

4. In the light of the uncertainties surrounding Covid-19, each party has the right to cancel a booked training course at any point up to and including the scheduled course start date.  The parties shall ensure that as much notice as possible is given to the other party of an intention to cancel a booked training course. In the event of cancellation, we will, if a mutually agreeable rescheduled date cannot be agreed, issue a full refund of any course fees already paid by you to us.

5. To reschedule or cancel a course at any point up to an including the scheduled course start date, please do so in writing by email to your contact person at NHS Resolution.

6. We will send any notices of cancellation or seeking to reschedule to the email address provided in the booking form.

7. Notices sent by email will be deemed received on the day of receipt if sent on a usual working day (other than a bank holiday or public holiday) and between 9.00 and 17.00.


8. Travel and accommodation expenses for trainers, and any costs for printing and preparation of training materials for the delivery of this training are included in the course fee.9

9. Any costs relating to the hire of conference rooms, equipment, additional materials or administration by you shall be managed and payable by you/your organisation.

Cancellation Expenses

10. If a course is cancelled or rescheduled by either party in accordance with clauses 3 or 4 above, each party shall bear its own costs incurred in relation to these terms and the subsequent rescheduling or cancellation.  Neither party shall liable to the other for the postponement or cancellation of a course including for any direct or indirect costs already incurred by the other party.


11. If the booking is confirmed it will be expected that the following will be provided by you/your organisation:

a. an administrative contact to coordinate the event on behalf of you/your organisation, to liaise with us and disseminate information to delegates as required;
b. For the delivery of face-to-face training:

   i. a venue suitable for the number of expected delegates.  Ideally this should enable delegates to be seated cabaret style and have a break-out room on day 2 or as required;
   ii. full details of the venue including map and directions;
   iii. suitable audio-visual equipment for showing a PowerPoint presentation (i.e. laptop/computer, projector, screen) and ideally option to play videos from websites (i.e. good internet connection and speakers);
   iv. a flipchart with paper and pens;

c. for the delivery of virtual training:

   i. suitable equipment and software to enable delegates to access sessions and learning materials via the virtual platforms confirmed by us
   ii. ability for you/your organisation/your delegates to print required learning materials necessary for completing some learning activities

d. refreshments/catering as appropriate;
e. a full list of delegates, including title, first name, last name, job title and organisation for each delegate at least three weeks prior to the event;
f. the facility to receive materials provided by email or post and disseminate to delegates on the day of the event;
g. administrative support on the day to help set up/down for the event; and
h. the facility to assist with the return of materials.

12. If a course booking is confirmed then the following should be expected from us:

a. a suitable facilitator(s) will be booked to deliver the training;
b. we will aim to send you a draft programme three weeks prior to the event date; and
c. appropriate delegate materials will be provided including programme, presentation(s) and training materials.

13. Delegates will be requested to provide feedback on the content and quality of training delivered after the event and then again, some months later on the impact of the course.  From the initial feedback we will provide an evaluation summary which we will aim to circulate to you within eight weeks of the course. We also use feedback to direct the planning of future events and understand the needs of our target audience.

Intellectual Property

14. Ownership of all intellectual property rights (IPR) in the course and in any training materials shall at all times belong to NHS Resolution. You must not utilise the training materials for any other purpose, be it commercial or non-commercial, other than the receipt of the training provided, without the prior written consent of NHS Resolution.


15. These terms and conditions reflect the current Covid-19 pandemic, and are subject to change.  In the event you wish to book an additional course in the future, you should check the terms and conditions applicable at the time of booking.

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