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Learning from suicide-related claims

This thematic review presents a detailed analysis of claims made after an individual has attempted to take their life. Claims relating to completed suicide and attempted suicide are reviewed, regardless of whether the claim resulted in financial compensation. It identifies common problems with care and provides recommendations for improvement to support service delivery.

Case story

Managing fetal heart rate monitoring

This case story highlights the importance of accurate fetal heart rate monitoring and timely escalation. Our case stories are based on real events. We are sharing the experience of those involved to help prevent a similar occurrence happening to patients and staff.

Case story

Case story: Good practice in sepsis

This case story is based on real events and NHS Resolution is sharing the experience to improve the quality of care provided to all patients, families and staff.


Neonatal jaundice

Neonatal jaundice is a common condition which is usually harmless, requires no treatment or responds to phototherapy. On rare but tragic occasions it can cause long-term brain damage with physical and psychological consequences for the family, or death.  


Saying sorry

Saying sorry meaningfully when things go wrong is vital for everyone involved in an incident, including the patient, their family, carers, and the staff that care for them. This leaflet is part of our work on duty of candour.


Five years of cerebral palsy claims

This report provides an in-depth examination of the causes of these rare but tragic incidents and the investigations that follow them. For the purposes of this study we focused on 50 cases of cerebral palsy where the incidents occurred between 2012 and 2016 and a …

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