NHS Resolution launches refreshed Professional Support and Remediation

Date published:

NHS Resolution’s Practitioner performance advice service (formerly known as National Clinical Assessment Service, NCAS) launched Professional Support and Remediation (PSR) on Friday 17 March.

The service will ensure that practitioners and employing and contracting organisations have access to a wide range of bespoke action plans to support practitioners in their return to safe and effective practice.

Action plans are developed following a review of the particular circumstances of each case, taking into account any development needs in areas such as leadership, patient or colleague interaction or other behavioural issues, in addition to supporting the development of knowledge and skills in the context of their clinical practice.

The action plans include:

  • Remediation action plans – where evidence identifying performance concerns is available either following an Practitioner performance advice service assessment or local assessment
  • Return to work action plans – supporting a practitioner’s reskilling and/or reintegration into clinical practice following a prolonged absence of time (with or without remediation of any pre-existing performance concerns)

Access to PSR is via the advisory service on 0207 811 2600 or directly to your link adviser. We are now working to extend this service to include support for developing professional development action plans Рto support practitioners in developing particular areas of their practice further.