Your views of us: feedback from our customer survey

Date published:

Being more aware of what members want from us will help us shape our services. This is why in February 2017 we asked over 3,000 contacts that use our services, ranging from our members to other healthcare organisations, what we are like to do business with. Thank you for sharing your views.

We are now looking at the survey results and making decisions about how to best respond in light of your feedback. Some comments are easier to deal with quickly while others will take more time to put in place. Over the coming weeks we will be agreeing what activity we can complete in 2017-18 and identifying what may take longer.

Here is some of what you told us and what we plan to do as a result:

  • A positive customer experience drives your satisfaction
    We will work with our staff to understand this crucial link. Providing high quality customer service should be our norm, irrespective of the area of the business you are working with.
  • The area of our business you are most familiar with is our expertise in claims handling
    We will find ways to increase member access to new and existing services through events, our new corporate newsletter and our new website.
  • Members confirmed that email was the preferred method of communication from us in order to share information – members identified the following topics as being of greatest interest: sharing good practice, legislation changes and claims trends.
    This has driven the creation of a member focused newsletter which we will develop in response to feedback.

More detailed results from our customer survey will be available on our website from May.